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About Us

The Kistler Team of Professionals
Licensed skin, hair and nail specialist, years of experience lead by the Kistler family spans 3 generations in the beauty industry.

Kistler's Olive Infused Skin Care

Looking for a chemical free, all natural, no perfume, no artificial coloring Skin Care, look no further, Kistlers Era of Olive Oil is for you. Its olive oil based which is the secret ingredient backed by testimonies confirming its amazing healing factors. Look around our web site for more information regarding our Face Cream, Body Lotion, Body Wash and Exfoliate, Lip Fix and Recipe soothing relief cream to name a few.

Our "American Roots"
The Kistler Family immigrated from Switzerland to the USA on ship Townsend October 5,1737. Hard workers with a sense for adventure we fast forward to the 21st century and Timothy traveling from Ohio to California in 1981 to carry on the family tradition in the beauty business.

In 1985 Tim met his wife Toni. They married in 1987 and have been side by side for the past 34 years developing the high quality Kistler brand.

Both were destined to carry on the family tradition established years earlier. Tim's Dad, Daryl, entered the beauty business in 1960. Tim's Uncle John joined the family business after his 1962 tour in Vietnam. Today Tim's niece Meghan is carrying on the tradition in Warren, Ohio, the city her Grandfather Daryl started in.

Toni's Aunt Rita was an award winning hairdresser from Pasadena, California with 50 years in the beauty profession. Toni's sister, Anita, completed both hair and nail licensing. Toni's Great Niece, Jasmine, carries on the tradition in the South Bend, Indiana area along with niece Missy.

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Tim and Toni

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